I'm Alannah Abbott. A virtual assistant based in Lancashire, UK.

I am here to support you by helping to lighten the load of everyday 'busy work' so you can focus on signing up more clients and getting them incredible results whilst also getting plenty of quality time with your family.

You've found me for a reason

What if you could stop the cycle of overwhelm you feel daily trying to run your entire business alone?

Have your time-consuming background tasks taken care of while you focus on getting amazing results for your clients?

Ensure messages and enquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently (even while you are on holiday, sick, or just taking a well deserved day off with your family)?

Grow your online audience without it constantly being on your mind and taking over every waking hour of your day?


You'd be in a great state of mind and your productivity would go through the roof!

You could be smashing your goals and increasing your income!

And all those things you keep telling your family you'll do 'some day' together? You could be doing those things now if you put the right support in place.


You’ve done incredible getting your business to this point. Let’s team up and get you feeling like the real CEO of your business and life!

Yes, I am in! How do we start working together?

Easy! All you have to do is contact me for your complimentary consultation.

It’s especially important to me that we are a good match and my skills fit your needs.


I can’t wait to hear from you!

Alannah x

A few facts about me

-I'm married to my husband, Tom. We celebrated our 5th anniversary this year. He's a personal trainer over at Tom Abbott Fitness.

-We have two children (Girl 4, Boy 3) who have so much energy we can barely keep up. (If only they could pass some of that energy onto me).

-I worked in accountancy for over 8 years because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

-I always knew I had the entrepreneurial bug but I wasn't brave enough to take the leap until after I had my kids and had done LOTS of mindset work.

-I am terrified of slugs and snails. According to Google that's called Molluscophobia. (Yes, my friends and family all think this is hilarious too. Stop laughing!).

-If you're trying to befriend me, bring chocolate. Except dark. Everybody knows that dark chocolate isn't real chocolate!

I am a graduate of The Virtual Assistant Coaching and Training Company

Voted ‘Best VA Training Provider in the UK’

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